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German Translations: Bibelserver, Bible

Bibles in English

Step Bible

The website STEP contains the text of many Bible translations and allows searching for words of the original languages in the translations as well.

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Study Bible

The website Study Bible allows comparison in various modern and also ancient languages. An interlinear translation of both the Hebrew and Greek texts is possible.

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The 2001 Translation of the Bible

The English Bible The 2001 Translation of the Bible is exceptional in that it is not only available online or for download, but also because, like Wikipedia, it is compiled collaboratively by many volunteers: The 2001 Translation of the Bible is entirely made by volunteers and is public domain. Our books of the Jewish Era (the ‘Old Testament’)…

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On biblehub.com you can read and compare dozens of the most popular English-language Bible translations.There are also several interlinear translations and Strong’s encyclopedia is also included.

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